Mercedes Benz Electronic Steering Lock Repair ESL/ELV W204 W207 W212

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Electronic Steering Lock Repair

Mercedes Benz Electronic Steering Lock repair ESL/ELV W204 W207 W212

Only Fit Mercedes Benz W204, C207, A207 and W212, 2007 –  C Class & E Class.   

Many Mercedes Benz vehicles are fitted with electronic steering locks (ESL). ESL seldom gets broken or faulty and this is not unusual. It’s the unit itself that is the source of the problem. If this unit fails, the customer is often left to replace the entire unit if you go to your main dealer and this can be a huge expense for them.  Don’t replace them, we’ll mend it and fix it for you. Your old unit repaired and returned to you in working order.

What do you need to look out if you think you have this problem in your car? Check out the failure symptoms listed below and compare to see if you have similar issues. If you have a noisy steering lock, that’s the first symptom that it’s failing.

Other Failure symptoms:

  • Vehicle won’t start and the steering doesn’t unlock
  • Noisy steering lock
  • Key will turn in Electronic Ignition Switch (EIS / EZL) but will not start
  • No dash lights when turning key in EIS (Electronic Ignition Switch)
  • Electronic steering lock (ESL / EVL) cannot be heard when the key is inserted into EIS lock.
  • The steering wheel cannot be turned, even with the key inserted into EIS.
  • Fault code 9003, N26/5 ESL / ELV control unit.  No feedback during unlocking.  The steering is under stress.
  • Fault code 9005, N26/5 ESL / ELV control unit. Communication fault.

Common faults or fault codes :

  • Fault code 9003, N26/5 ESL / EVL / ELV control unit.  No feedback during unlocking.  The steering is under stress.
  • Fault code 9005, N26/5 ESL / EVL / ELV control unit. Communication fault. 
  • A22449 - The electronic ignition lock has a malfunction. There is an internal electrical fault. 
  • A25407 - The electronic steering lock has a malfunction. There is a mechanical fault. 
  • A25408 - The electronic steering lock has malfunctioned. There is a signal fault or the message is faulty.
  • A25409 - The electronic steering lock has a malfunction. There is a component fault.
  • A25464 - The electronic steering lock has a malfunction. There is an implausible signal.

All you need to do is send us your 

  • EIS (electronic ignition switch)
  • A Working key and the
  • ESL/ELV (electronic steering lock )
  • Steering Column if it's not possible to remove the ELV (Addition P+P Applies)

If you can't get it removed from your car, we can arrange to recover it but please keep in mind that recovering your car to us will cost extra. If you have difficulty at all, do contact us and we'll help you out.



Compatibility List

Make Model Year Variant Bodystyle Type Engine

Mercedes all 2007- all all All All

  • If you are in doubt of your faults on your car, contact us. We can help you.
  • If you're anywhere nearby Leicester, you may drop by our garage as well, to fit it. Please call and book your appointment prior to that.

  • We do not work on weekends and if someone had previously opened and tried to repair the unit, an additional fee may be applied at our discretion.

  • If there is no fault with your unit, we will only charge you for testing and return shipping cost.

  • Any missing or damaged parcels should be reported to us immediately. We do have a return policy for damaged parcels which should be returned to us within 7 days.Please check the Shipping & Returns link on our page

  • We aim to repair the unit as soon as we've received it and ship it on the same working day. However, do allow the delivery time to be within 2-3 working days if you purchased over the weekend. If you need it more quickly or urgently, please contact and let us know. We can ship it to you with other means of delivery option that you can get it sooner.

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