Audi A4 A5 Q5 A6 A7 A8 BCM2 Body Control Module Repair service

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BCM Repair

Audi A4 A5 Q5 A6 A7 A8 BCM2 Body Control Module Repair Service

Audi Body Control Module made 2008-2019 with BCM2 system.
In most cases BCM2 Module gets faulty and the most common problem is when you
insert the key in the ignition slot or press the Start button (if the car is equipped),
nothing happens and in some cases, the instrument cluster shows a message
"Steering Lock Faulty",
and Immobilizer control module address 05-Acc- Start Auth will have
fault code "00288 - Steering Column Lock Actuator (N360).

We can solve this problem without changing the BCM2.
No need for any coding and all the information stays the same.
This will cost you more money if you give the job to the main dealer or purchase it
second-hand, and then you will have to reprogram it to the car.
Why replace a new one when your old one can be repaired for less?
Dealers do not repair them, WE DO!
You can save £££.

With this service, we can repair the BCM2 Module,
recover Ignition functions, and make the car alive again.
In most cases, this will work for a long time.

When we perform this service car will have ignition and the instrument cluster will light up. If the car does not start or has some other modules faulty it is not caused by us or this service, it is possible that the car had some other problems in past that we are not able to know, and we are not responsible for these problems.

The customer will need to remove and ship the
BCM2 module located in the truck ( Boot ),
the Electronic Steering lock located on the steering column
and one working key.


Affected Part No:

  • 8K0 907 064 
  • 8K0 907 064 C
  • 8K0 907 064 N
  • 8K0 9070 64 K
  • 8K0 9070 64 CN
  • 8K0 907 064 CP
  • 8K0 9070 64 DC
  • 8K0 907 064 EE
  • 8K0 907 064 DP
  • 8K0 9070 64 FB
  • 8K0 907 064 GB
  • 8K0 9070 64 KE
  • 4H0 907 064 CL
  • 4H0 907 064 AP
  • 4H0 907 064 BH
  • 4H0 907 064 BA
  • 4H0 907 064 CB
  • 4H0 907 064 HN
  • 4H0 907 064 CN

For a part number not listed here, please contact us.


Other Failure Symptoms:

  • The vehicle won’t start and the steering doesn’t unlock or lock
  • The instrument cluster shows the message "Steering Faulty"
  • Insert the key in the ignition, or press the Start button but will not start
  • No dash lights when Inserting the key into the ignition,
  • The electronic steering lock cannot be heard when the key is inserted into the key slot.
  • The steering wheel cannot be turned, even with the key inserted.

Common Faults or Fault Code:

  • Immobilizer control module -Start Auth will have faulty code "00288 - Steering Column Lock Actuator (N360).

All you need to do is send us your 

  • BCM2 module
  • A Working key 
  • Electronic Steering lock  
  • Please don't send the steering column, remove the lock from the steering column and send the Electronic Steering lock.

If you can't get it removed from your car, we can arrange to recover it but please keep in mind that recovering your car to us will cost extra. If you have difficulty at all, do contact us and we'll help you out.

Please insure it up to £500.00 when posting it out to us.


Extra Information

  • Before buying this programming service, please check that you have the above-listed faults. Not all the part numbers are listed so please contact us before purchasing the item.
  • can't repair the water-damaged BCM2
  • If someone has previously opened or tried to repair the unit, an additional fee may be applied.
  •  2 years warranty.



Compatibility List

Make Model Year Variant Bodystyle Type Engine
2008-2016 8K All
All All
AUDI A5/S5/RS5 2008-2016 8K All All All
Q5/SQ5         -2017
All All All
AUDI A6/S6 2011-2018 4G All All All
AUDI A7/S7/RS7         -2018 All All All
AUDI A8/S8         -2019 4H All All All
VW Toureg 2010-2017 All All All

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review Write a review

  • If you are in doubt of your faults on your car, contact us. We can help you.
  • If you're anywhere nearby Leicester, you may drop by our garage as well, to fit it. Please call and book your appointment prior to that.

  • We do not work on weekends and if someone had previously opened and tried to repair the unit, an additional fee may be applied at our discretion.

  • If there is no fault with your unit, we will only charge you for testing and return shipping cost.

  • Any missing or damaged parcels should be reported to us immediately. We do have a return policy for damaged parcels which should be returned to us within 7 days.Please check the Shipping & Returns link on our page

  • We aim to repair the unit as soon as we've received it and ship it on the same working day. However, do allow the delivery time to be within 2-3 working days if you purchased over the weekend. If you need it more quickly or urgently, please contact and let us know. We can ship it to you with other means of delivery option that you can get it sooner.

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