Ford Focus Instrument Cluster Repair

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Instrument Cluster Repair


Ford Focus 2004-2007 Instrument Cluster Repair Service

Please confirm that you have this problem by getting a full diagnostics from your mechanic. Fault codes are listed below. Not all the part numbers are listed below either. If you can't find your part number here, please call and check with us before you buy.


Affected Part No :

  • 4M5T-10849
  • 4M5T10849
  • 4M5T-10849FP
  • 4M5T-10849HP
  • 4M5T-10849FR
  • 4M5T-10849DM
  • 4M5T-10849DJ
  • 4M5T-10849BJ
  • 4M5T-10849HS
  • 3M5T10849
  • 3M5T-10849
  • 7M5T-10849
  • 7M5T-10849 DR
  • 7M5T-10849 HR
  • 7M5T-10849 HP
  • 7M5T-10849 KB
  • 7M5T-10849 DJ
For part number not listed here, please contact us.



    • Non-starting or intermittently starts
    • Error appears on dashboard with mileage displaying (----)
    • Randomly Immobiliser (PATS) light flashing
    • Acceleration reduced
    • Engine systems fault
    • Engine cuts off
    • Warning lights
    • Display stays on
    • Car battery drainage
    • Needles drop down while car being driven
    • Loss of power in engine
    • Speedometer drops to 0

      Fault Codes

      • U0155 - Lost communication with instrument cluster 
      • U2510- Can invalid data for vehicle security intermittent
      • U0001- Can communication Bus fault
      • P1260 - Theft detected vehicle is immobilised
      • U0121 - Lost communication with ABS control
      • U0101 - Lost communication with TCM
      • P0500 - Vehicle speed sensor intermittent
      • U1900 - Can communication Bus Fault
      • U2197 - Invalid data for Vehicle speed
      • U2200 - Invalid data for odometer
      • U2510 - Can communication Bus fault...

        Our Solution 

        We can solve this problem without changing the Instrument Cluster. If in doubt, please contact us. It will cost you more money if you get them from the main dealer or purchase a used unit and then get it reprogrammed to your car. You can save your money by just getting your car's instrument cluster to be repaired and then plugged in back to your car
        with no programming needed, in order for your car to functioning normally again.
        Dealers do not repair them. We Do!
        If you can't find any garage nearby you to churn out the diagnostics information, bring the car to us and we'll do a full diagnostics for you using our latest high-end diagnostics tool with a minimal charge and then if and where necessary - remove the faulty unit, repair it and refit it back to your car. Charges will vary depending on what faults you have on your car or on which repair service you wish to get done. Please call us to book your appointment slot and bring your car, we'll take care of it. 

        Extra Information

        • Before buying this service, please check that you have the above-listed faults.
        • This service does not cover for LCD display.
        • If someone has previously opened or tried to repair the unit, an additional fee may be applied.
        • Lifetime Warranty is given.



        Compatibility List 


        Make Model Year Variant Bodystyle Type Engine
        Ford Focus  2004-2007 All All All All

      • If you are in doubt of your faults on your car, contact us. We can help you.
      • If you're anywhere nearby Leicester, you may drop by our garage as well, to fit it. Please call and book your appointment prior to that.

      • We do not work on weekends and if someone had previously opened and tried to repair the unit, an additional fee may be applied at our discretion.

      • If there is no fault with your unit, we will only charge you for testing and return shipping cost.

      • Any missing or damaged parcels should be reported to us immediately. We do have a return policy for damaged parcels which should be returned to us within 7 days.Please check the Shipping & Returns link on our page

      • We aim to repair the unit as soon as we've received it and ship it on the same working day. However, do allow the delivery time to be within 2-3 working days if you purchased over the weekend. If you need it more quickly or urgently, please contact and let us know. We can ship it to you with other means of delivery option that you can get it sooner.

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