BMW Electronic Turbo Actuator Repair Service

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Turbo Actuator


BMW Electronic Turbo Actuator Repair Service


Affected Part No :

  • G-34, G34
  • G-61, G61
  • G-103, G103
  • G-107, G107
  • G-109, G109
  • G-139, G139
  • G-149, G149
  • G-167, G167
  • G-186, G186
  • G-199, G199
  • G-206, G206
  • G-219, G219
  • G-221, G221
  • G-222, G222
  • G-277, G277
  • G-290, G290
  • 6NW-008-412, 6NW008412
  • 6NW-008-091, 6NW008091
  • 6NW-009-228, 6NW009228
  • 6NW-009-420, 6NW009420
  • 6NW-009-543, 6NW009543
  • 6NW-009-660, 6NW009660
  • 6NW-010-099,6NW010099
  • 6NW-009-206, 6NW009206
  • 6NW-009-483, 6NW009483
  • 6NW-009-550, 6NW009550
  • 6NW-010-430, 6NW010430
  • 712120

For part numbers not listed here, please contact us.


Manufacturer :

  • Hella / Garrett


Fault Symptoms

  • Fault on the Instrument Cluster, glow plug light flash or coil light turning on.
  • Engine goes into 'limp mode' and has reduced power.
  • Engine loses power or under power.
  • The fault is intermittent and after some time, it will be more persistent and permanent.

      Fault Codes

      • Turbo Boost Control
      • Turbo Actuator Electrical Fault

        Our Solution 

        We can solve this problem without changing the faulty Turbo Actuator.
        You can save your money by getting yours repaired instead of purchasing a new one or going to the dealer. 

        Extra Information

        • Before buying this service, please check that all the hoses do not have cracks or air leaks, waste-gate and turbo not jammed as well as CAT not blocked.
        • We aim to get your unit repaired as soon as we receive it and ship it back to you on the same day to reduce your waiting time.
        • If your unit has been found not faulty or has a different problem, we will inform you and charge a minimal testing fee and return postage.
        • The repaired unit is given 24 months warranty.

        Sending Instructions

        Remove the Turbo Actuator from the car and post it to us via Recorded Delivery. 
        Always ensure to wrap the item in bubble wrap and in a strong cardboard box, making sure to protect fragile components from potential damage during transit. We can not be held responsible for any damage that occurs in shipment, so please ensure to package it properly. Kindly Do Not Use cloths or papers to wrap it. Use only bubble wrap or styrofoam packing material.
        Send the item to our address found on our contacts page. 



        Compatibility List 


        Make Model Year Variant Bodystyle Type Engine
        BMW 320D   E46 2.0
        BMW2 320D   E90/91 2.0
        BMW 325D E90/91 2.5
        BMW 330D E90/91 3.0
        BMW 520D   E60/61 2.0
        BMW 525D E60/61 2.5
        BMW 530D E60/61 3.0
        BMW 730D E65/66 3.0
        BMW X3 E83 2.0D

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 1 review Write a review

      • If you are in doubt of your faults on your car, contact us. We can help you.
      • If you're anywhere nearby Leicester, you may drop by our garage as well, to fit it. Please call and book your appointment prior to that.

      • We do not work on weekends and if someone had previously opened and tried to repair the unit, an additional fee may be applied at our discretion.

      • If there is no fault with your unit, we will only charge you for testing and return shipping cost.

      • Any missing or damaged parcels should be reported to us immediately. We do have a return policy for damaged parcels which should be returned to us within 7 days.Please check the Shipping & Returns link on our page

      • We aim to repair the unit as soon as we've received it and ship it on the same working day. However, do allow the delivery time to be within 2-3 working days if you purchased over the weekend. If you need it more quickly or urgently, please contact and let us know. We can ship it to you with other means of delivery option that you can get it sooner.

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